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Expansion of solar source stimulates battery market in Brazil

March 9, 2021

Energy storage favors freedom and ensures autonomy to the prosumer , allowing them to manage consumption during peak and demand hours, in addition to protection against network failures and unfavorable changes in energy compensation rules.

With the growing expansion of renewable sources in the Brazilian energy matrix, more and more professionals in the sector are applying this solution in projects, in addition to seeking professional training on the technology.

This movement moved the photovoltaic market and led ANEEL (National Electric Energy Agency) to receive contributions on the regulation of storage systems .

Among the companies that are investing in this segment in Brazil is the battery manufacturer Fyness. Recently, the company entered into a partnership with the photovoltaic kits distributor Minha Casa Solar .

Allen Lei, global director of Commercial Relations at Dyness, highlights that the company has ambitious goals for Brazil. "We hope to offer a high quality option for Brazilian users, especially for off-grid areas."

Lei also comments that the performance of Minha Casa Solar in the distribution of off-grid systems motivated the partnership. “My Solar Home is the only pioneer in off-grid and battery storage solutions with a great version and vision of the market.”