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Excellent Quality, Keep innovating, Dyness at SNEC Shanghai!

May 26, 2023

From May 24 to 26, 2023, the most influential annual event in the global PV industry, "SNEC 16th (2023) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition" was held in Shanghai. As the world's leading home energy storage company, Dyness Daqin New Energy presented its latest energy solutions to help upgrade the energy storage industry and transform the energy structure.


Shanghai SNEC exhibition is the most influential PV event in the world, attracting the world's major photovoltaic and energy storage enterprises in this top feast of the energy circle, each displaying its own style! In this exhibition, Daqin New Energy exhibited its household storage products Powerbox Pro, Tower T10 and energy storage module B3, DL5.0C and the new industrial and commercial all-in-one DH200F, one-stop energy storage solutions, which were highly evaluated by the industry.


Since 2016-2018, China has continued to introduce PV and energy storage industry-related support policies, effectively promoting the installed capacity of user-side (household storage + industrial and commercial storage) energy storage rose in 2018.  2019-2021 by the epidemic factors slowed down the development of energy storage industry. Until 2022, various business models continue to recover, user-side energy storage (household storage + industrial and commercial storage) development accelerated. At the same time, domestic and international demand for commercial and industrial energy storage is also rising.


The new industrial and commercial DH200F adopts All in one design, with modern and simple appearance, and integrates PACK, BMS, PCS, PV Charger, on-grid switching module, air conditioning and refrigeration, and fire protection modules inside.

One of the biggest highlights is the single cabinet integrated PCS PACK EMS and other modules, support outdoor installation, multi-cabinet integrated delivery, and support the use of stacking, landing installation costs reduced by 50%, easy to install and later operation and maintenance.

At this stage in the "national" double carbon "target background and the construction of" new energy-based power system "industry trend, 2023 is considered to be the first year of the domestic industrial and commercial storage explosion. Nowadays, the high cost of raw materials for lithium battery energy storage, optimize the system cost and increase product efficiency is an important issue in front of many energy storage enterprises.


While strictly controlling the quality in procurement, production and processing, Daqin New Energy has effectively accomplished cost control through core technology upgrades and effective implementation of supply chain control while strictly controlling the quality in procurement, production and processing. Taking into account the whole life cycle cost of PV power generation system, we control the risk and reduce the loss, we strive for profit margin for customers and upstream and downstream partners, etc. to maximize the benefit. This point is in line with the important gene of "Daren" in the corporate culture of Daqin New Energy, which makes Dyness to go forward steadily and achieve mutually beneficial cooperation and win-win cooperation between the photovoltaic storage industry, customers and users.


"Pursuit of excellence, innovation". In addition to product and technology innovation, Dyness also focuses on providing humanized services to improve the exhibitors' experience. The cool and delicious ice cream and the new and interesting online lucky draw attracted a lot of visitors to the booth to experience.


In the future, Dyness will keep pace with the changes of the times and the development of the country, and continue to provide quality products, services and solutions to make greater contributions to the implementation of the national "dual carbon" strategy, the protection of China's green mountains and low-carbon future of the world.