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Dyness storage system is approved in the Australian market

April 30, 2021

The global photovoltaic solar energy market is gaining more and more decorations in all parts of the world. Companies in the segment are gaining recognition in markets outside their country of origin.  

The battery system from Chinese manufacturer Dyness the HV Tower has been approved by the CEC of Australia (Clean Energy Council of Australia) and obtained the CE certificate-mandatory certification of access to the European market for the battery system.

CE certificate testing standards require extremely high battery performance. The marking is placed by the manufacturer, who assumes full responsibility for the product's compliance with the legal directives in force in Europe.

The Clean Energy Council is the largest body for the Australian clean energy market. It is a non-profit organization that works with and represents companies present in Australia's renewable energy and energy storage industry and have a strong focus on raising standards and maintaining industry integrity.

“Battery brands that apply for inclusion on the CEC list must pass a series of strict safety certifications. And only battery brands on the CEC list are eligible to apply for battery subsidies in Australia.”

Dyness HV Tower


The battery storage system is high voltage and wide voltage range between 200 and 700 VDC. The system push-in installation, to use the battery modules are used in series, if necessary, add to the system, cables in series and parallel.

According to the manufacturer, the HV Tower has IP54 level protection and is suitable for high power applications, in limited installation space, restricted load bearing and long life cycle in both on- and off-grid homes and businesses.

Dyness Tower systems are compatible with a wide range of hybrid inverters on the market. Including Goodwe, Solis and Growatt. Furthermore, it can automatically match different brands of inverters without the need for additional operations.