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Dyness ranked in Top10 Chinese ESS suppliers in 2022

March 29, 2023

On March 27, sponsored by the energy storage leader alliance the “2023 energy storage carnival festival and 2022 Chinese energy storage enterprise global shipments ranking conference" was held in Jiading district, Shanghai. The conference gathered energy storage industry, investment and financing, and media friends. The meeting released 2022 annual global energy storage industry chain data and Chinese energy storage enterprises, Dyness (Daqin new energy) with strength as a global household storage system provider listed among the top 8.

Listing Details:

2022 Global Household Storage System (Battery) Shipment Ranking of Chinese Enterprises (Edited) Restore original


As a leading enterprise in the energy storage industry, Dyness has always been committed to providing users with high-quality energy storage products and solutions, and it's one of the earliest domestic companies to have R&D and layout overseas energy storage markets. Dyness has obtained more than 90 independent intellectual property rights, including core patented technologies such as lithium iron phosphate batteries, BMS, EMS, and energy storage system integration. Its products have multiple international certifications, such as TUV, UL, CE, JET, CEC, CEI, etc. The company has established overseas offices in the Netherlands, Brazil, and Australia, with more than 90 global brand partners covering more than 100 countries and regions around the world, including Europe, Australia, the Americas, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc., serving more than 200,000 households worldwide.

In the energy storage track, Dyness has demonstrated its strong strength and excellent performance in the Top 10 ranking of global household storage system shipments. The top ranking this time not only reflects the strength of the Dyness brand but also proves the leading position of Chinese energy storage companies in the global market.


Household Storage Market Data

Currently, The global energy situation is becoming increasingly tense, as more and more countries and regions make carbon neutrality commitments, the energy storage system, as a scheme that can effectively alleviate the instability and intermittency of renewable energy, ensure the security of the power grid, improve energy efficiency and reduce the cost of electricity, continues to attract attention. Therefore, energy storage is an important part of the global energy transformation, and its market demand will expand with the deepening of the energy transformation process.

Household energy storage can be called residential energy storage systems. During low power consumption, the battery pack in the household energy storage system can charge itself for use during peak power consumption or power outages. According to data from Wood Mackenzie, IEA, Solar power EU, and USDOE, the new installed capacity of the global residential energy storage market is expected to rise from 9.5GWh in 2021 to 93.4GWh in 2025, with a compound growth rate of 77.07%.

Global residential energy storage market.png

Source: Rui Guan consulting and sorting

As a leader in China's energy storage industry, Dyness will continue to raise its technology and service level, provide high-quality energy storage products and solutions, continue to create more value for users and contribute to the development and innovation of the energy storage industry and the global carbon peak.