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Dyness made a stunning appearance at Solar Storage & Live 2022

October 25, 2022

On October 18,2022, the Solar Storage & Live 2022 was held at The NEC in Birmingham, U.K. Dyness made a stunning appearance with its star products, which attracted attention from many visitors during the show.

Part1 Dyness made a stunning appearance

Solar & Storage Live is the UK's largest renewable energy event, focusing on the combination of solar, storage and renewable energy industries, to power the energy system in the future. As leading lithium storage manufacturer and service provider, Dyness discussed the future of energy development and the industry situation with many peers.

Dyness attracted many visitors with its novel booth design, professional and thoughtful reception and superior-quality products.

In this exhibition, Dyness exhibits high and low voltage residential ESS products, among which the residential low voltage B51100 and PowerDepot H5B attracted attention from many visitors.

The B51100 with the energy of 5.12KWh and OTA remote online upgrade function, can be connected with Dyness smart app, and supports floor-standing installation. It is also suitable for standard 3U rack. The PowerDepot H5B has long cycle life and deep charging and discharging quality, and has obtained TUV and CEC certifications, with IP65 protection level for outdoor installation.

Part2 UK energy storage market insight

The UK energy storage market has high-degree electricity market maturity, and the UK will maintain a dominant position in European energy storage market for the next 10 years.

The UK energy storage market is dominated by independent energy storage system, and household energy storage accounts for larger proportion. Affected by the European energy crisis, coupled with the rising awareness of users' home energy self-sufficiency needs, the declining cost of energy storage systems, and the introduction of favorable policies, new household ESS installation capacity has grown steadily. By the end of 2021, the installed capacity of residential ESS in the UK is 81MWh, an increase of 113% year-on-year. According to Delta-EE, continental Europe will need 200GW of energy storage by 2030 to consume more renewable energy. Meanwhile, the UK will achieve 3.6GW of battery installation capacity by the end of 2022, reaching 14.4GW by 2030. It’s estimated that the installation capacity of 2022 will jump to 1.7/1.8GW and 2.45GW in 2023.    

In addition to favorable policies and other factors, the reason for the rapid development of energy storage in the UK is the rapid rise in electricity price.

European natural gas forward prices rose sharply in August this year, reaching $2,300 per kilostere. And due to the soaring gas market prices, inflation, climate change and other factors, the market expects that the UK energy prices will continue to rise. For UK residents who have been relying on natural gas for electricity and heating, this undoubtedly exacerbated electricity costs and energy expenses.

Dyness' residential energy storage systems have been recognized by local distributors, installers and end-users since they were first introduced to Europe, as they help households achieve transition from reliance on traditional energy sources to clean energy sources, flexible use of electricity, and reduction of electricity costs.

Part3 Create low carbon life with Dyness

Dyness, as an early entry into the UK and European markets, has always attached importance to the strategic layout of the European market. In order to achieve localized service in the European market, Dyness established a branch office in Netherlands in May this year, set up Dyness storage and logistics center, and built a technical team. Currently, Dyness Netherlands branch has entered a smooth operation phase and will further expand to the whole Europe.

In the future, Dyness will provide high-efficiency, high-stability, high-security and intelligent energy storage products for UK customers, continue to expand its market in the UK and EU, to promote the transformation and upgrading of the European energy structure and facilitate the path to carbon neutrality.