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Dyness in Intersolar South America 2022 in Brazil

August 29, 2022

Introduction: Intersolar South America 2022, a three-day exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil, was successfully held from August 23 to 25, 2022. This exhibition is the fourth stop of Dyness’s 2022 global energy storage industry exhibition journey, and is an essential part of Dyness’s development in Brazilian market, as well as in Latin American market.

Part1 Dyness products are eye-catcher in this exhibition  

Intersolar South America is world leading solar exhibition series, focusing on photovoltaics, PV production technology, energy storage and solar technology. Since its inception, Intersolar has become the most important industry platform for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, service providers and their partners in the solar industry. As an influential global provider of lithium energy storage products, Dyness displayed its latest energy solutions in this event.


At the show, Dyness brought a variety of low-voltage household energy storage products and RV batteries adopting the latest technology, which is targeted for Latin America market. The Powerbox Pro, which supports 5 units in parallel, is easy to install and has IP65 protection level, and the module B51100, which also has OTA remote online upgrade and intelligent power monitoring functions, and can be connected with Dyness Smart App. These two products have the core benefits of high power efficiency, high weather resistance, easy expansion and installation, and are well suited for South-America residential energy storage applications. Our newest RV battery, RV12100, supports up to 8 units in parallel and has high capacity and good temperature stability. It is a lead-acid alternative battery with light weight, longer life, low self-discharge, and can achieve all kinds of protection and protection recovery independently. It can be applied in various scenarios. In addition to conventional recreational vehicles, solar panels and ships, it can also be used in airports, medical institutions and other scenarios that require deep cycle batteries. These products, with their fashionable appearance and excellent performance, attracted attention of many visitors.

Part2 Dyness and the Brazilian market

Brazil, as the sixth largest economy in the world, is no longer a spectator lingering outside the solar market, but an emerging market with more potentiality. On the one hand, Brazil and China are both BRICS countries, and both are the largest developing countries. The total economic volume and population base is huge, and electricity consumption per capita is high. However, the grid coverage is low and power outages are more frequent. On the other hand, the country has a vast area, excellent light resources, electricity demand is growing year by year. In the face of global climate change, traditional hydropower is becoming more and more unstable, coupled with carbon emission commitments and other issues, Brazilian government accelerated power restructuring, vigorously develop renewable energy to ensure stable power supply and reasonable electricity prices. Therefore, Brazil has a large market size, a high proportion of national income from electricity, a rapid growth rate of new energy power installation, and a huge demand for commercial and industrial, residential, and off-grid energy storage products. The total demand of energy storage market in Brazil is expected to reach 20GW / 50GWh by 2030, mostly for power generation side storage.

Dyness has grown rapidly since its entry into Brazilian market in 2018 and has established good partnerships with many distributors and dealers to help customers achieve higher value with the latest high-efficiency energy storage solutions.Dyness products have become one of the most popular photovoltaic brand in Brazil due to their strong technical strength and high-quality customer service, and have a good reputation and brand influence in Brazil and South America.

In the future, Dyness will continue to cultivate in Brazil and other Latin America markets, insisting on technology innovation, quality priority and localized service to help Latin America's green energy transition, and making local power generation more efficient and energy storage and consumption more intelligent.