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October 30, 2023

Dyness showcased their latest advancements at Solar & Storage Live UK from October 17-19. At booth K15, visitors had the opportunity to explore Dyness' cutting-edge solutions in different application areas, from low voltage (LV) residential to balcony and commercial-grade ESS. The secure and integrated solutions attracted the interest of local downstream players.

BIRMINGHAM, Oct. 19, 2023 - Solar & Storage Live is the largest renewable energy exhibition in the UK, attracting 15,000 buyers every year. At the exhibition, the Dyness booth garnered attention with its LV modules and scalable solutions, including the DL5.0C, B4850, and Cabiner-B4850. Innovations for balcony, high voltage (HV) residential, and C&I use cases sparked further interest.

Since 2021, the PV sector in the UK has regained significant momentum. According to EUPD Research, the country successfully added 730 MW of capacity in 2021, marking the highest PV capacity increase since 2017. The positive trend continued in 2022 with an impressive addition of nearly 1.1 GW, bringing the country's cumulative capacity to over 15.8 GW. This progress can be attributed to the impact of funding schemes like the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) and Green Homes Grant, which have played a pivotal role in accelerating the growth of the PV and storage market.

Against this background, Dyness’ product and distribution strategies are well-positioned in the UK market. A prime example is by matching the basic LV capacity and scalability requirements of local consumers. Driven by extensive R&D, Dyness successfully developed the new DL5.0C that perfectly caters to the needs of a typical British household. In the case where capacity expansion is required, the modular product boasts efficient parallel connection with up to 50 units. Both the DL5.0C and B4850 battery modules stand out for its versatility and compatibility with leading inverters.

The highlight at the Dyness booth was indeed the new release of the Cabiner-B4850. The vertical cabinet integrates circuit breakers and two to four B4850 batteries. This unique setup allows impressive capacity expansion, while ensuring stability and user-friendliness. With a minimalist design, the Cabiner-B4850 adds a touch of elegance to any residential setting. Visitors at the trade fair had the opportunity to explore this exciting breakthrough firsthand at the Dyness booth.

Dyness’ Europe Sales Director, Ben Ma, explained the philosophy behind each and every product, “Dyness offers well-rounded solutions that place local customers at the very center. That means, we are always adapting the aesthetics, optimal cost control, and ease of installation to meet local needs.” Other LV exhibits include the popular Powerbox Pro and PowerDepot H5B. The Junior Box designed to meet the demand for balcony EES gained more traction at the show. Larger residential applications were demonstrated through the Dyness Tower and Tower Pro. Venturing into the C&I segment, Dyness also showcased the DH200F.

As the UK strives to achieve its renewable energy targets, the storage market is forecasted with optimistic growth. According to EUPD Research, installed capacity in 2023 is estimated to nearly double from 2022. To match rising demand, Dyness will continue to offer innovative and integrated solutions that enable UK households to become more self-sufficient. Dyness is dedicated to drive the UK market closer to net-zero through sustained emphasis on elevating ESS performance and user experience.

About Dyness:

Dyness is a global energy storage solutions provider, focusing on residential and commercial ESS applications. The company currently has 6 overseas branches and over 90 global partners.Dyness has delivered products to 100+ countries including Europe, South Africa, Americas, Australia, etc, serving 300,000+ families. Dyness aims to provide users with green and smart energy solutions.


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