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Dyness awarded EUPD Research

October 27, 2022

Energy storage system manufacturer Dyness is awarded as "2022 Top Brand PV" in “storage” category by authoritative research institution EUPD Research. Recently, at Solar & Storage LIVE 2022, the largest renewable energy exhibition in the UK, Mr. Saif Islam, Senior Consultant at EUPD Research, presented Dyness with the award certificate.


In EUPD Research's Global Photovoltaic Installation Survey for 2021-2022, based on hundreds of installers' in-depth findings on a multi-dimensional survey of corporate brand satisfaction, sales share customer recommendation, etc. Emerging from a wide range of photovoltaic companies around the world, Dyness has won the "Top PV Brand 2022" award and is ranked as the top“storage” brand in Brazil with a high customer satisfaction score and recommendation rating. The award is known as the " industry trends" and is one of the best commendations for new energy enterprises.


According to Allen Lei, Director of Sales at Dyness, "Dyness is honored to be certified as EUPD Research's “Top PV brand”, and we are grateful to the installer, peer experts, and end customers for their recognition. Dyness is proud to deliver a great one-stop energy storage system solution for a wide range of users. So far Dyness's energy storage products have served the global 6W + home, and in the future we will continue to be customer-centric, delivering high-value products and high-quality services to customers in Brazil and globally. "

Dyness won the award, marking Dyness' ranking among the top photovoltaic energy storage brands in the Brazilian market. This award will greatly enhance the brand recognition of Dyness among international customers, enabling the company's premium energy storage products to help more customers upgrade their green and low-carbon lives and promote energy transformation and revolution.


Since the inception of the Dyness brand, the company has been following an international path. Working closely with several distributors in Brazil, Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia and various national energy associations. Insist on a customer-centric, global, sales and customer service center. Provide customers with the most technologically advanced products as well as the highest quality localization services.

The authoritative award from EUPD Research is not only an acknowledgement and incentive for Dyness to grow since its inception, but also a more authentic and reliable reference  for the brand of  end users' choice. Dyness will continue to explore Brazil and the global energy storage market to deliver more satisfactory answers to customers with more cost-effective and quality products.


Dyness looks forward to working with more customers at home and abroad to create a blueprint for green energy in the new era.