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Dyness at Nigeria Energy 2022

September 27, 2022

Nigeria Energy 2022 was successfully held from September 20th-22nd  2022. Nigeria Energy 2022 is Infoman's new energy event in West Africa, following the Middle East International Electricity, Lighting and New Energy Exhibition (MEE).

Nigeria Energy 2022 is a new energy industry event created by Infoman in West Africa, following the Middle East International Electricity, Lighting and New Energy Exhibition (MEE).

Dyness, as a high-tech company engaged in the  R&D, production and sales of lithium battery storage products, Dyness was honoured to be invited to participate in this exhibition.


The main focus of the exhibition was on battery modules and Powerbox Pro, the battery modules include B3, B4850 and A48100. A48100 is an economical design, tailored for residential and light commercial, supporting both floor and wall mounting. B4850 module is widely used for energy storage and electrical products, and is the best choice for home energy storage system and centralised power station energy storage system; pull-ear design The Dyness B3 has a powerful built-in BMS protection system and is the specified battery module for the Rack LV2. All three battery modules are cost effective and an economical choice for users in Africa.

The Powerbox Pro is a deep-cycle, high-capacity lithium battery that supports both wall-mounted and floor- standing installation options , with a capacity of up to 10kWh per unit.These exhibits, with their technical strengths, attracted many customers and gave visitors a deeper understanding of Dyness.


Since the introduction of the NATIONAL RENEWABLE ENERGY AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY POLICY (NREEEP) in 2014, Nigeria has  adopted a series of measures in favor of renewable energy development, seeking resources to improve the oversupply of electricity problems solutions. At the same time, with the rising demand for electricity in Africa in the recent years, traditional thermal power is  unable to meet the huge power  gap, and the demand for new energy power is increasing.


Dyness' energy storage system products provide high quality and affordable clean energy solutions for the African region, and also contribute to China's energy storage enterprises and energy storage technology to Africa. In the future, we will always adhere to the development strategy of "guided by market demand and driven by technological innovation" and continue to make breakthroughs to make Dyness' brand image of high quality products and sincere services more deeply rooted in people's hearts.