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Dyness Anti-Infringement Statement

November 21, 2022

A serious infringement and fraud issue has recently been brought to our attention. According to some of Dyness' end users, they found a fake website: https://www.dynessbattery.co.za/ with the Dyness logo under the name Dynessbattery. The website attempts to lure and deceive users by using the Dyness logo, publishing Dyness products and stealing photos and text descriptions from the old Dyness website.

Obviously, they are using the fake Dyness brand for profit, which is also a serious infringement of Dyness's intellectual property rights.

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Dyness does not condone this illegal behaviour and is currently taking action against this fraud. Whoever is behind this needs to stop infringing Dyness' intellectual property and deceiving people immediately. We will leave no stone unturned and do whatever it takes to combat this illegal behaviour by all legal means as soon as possible before more people are defrauded.

Please download the genuine Dyness Smart APP, and browse the genuine Dyness website through the three domains: https://www.dyness-tech.com/, http://www.dyness-tech.com.cn/ and http://www.dyness.net/.

In the meantime, please contact Dyness to report any other websites or apps that are carrying out illegal activities in the name of Dyness by the following methods:

Tel: +86 400 666 0655


November 18, 2022


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