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Dyness adds a new plant in Taizhou, Jiangsu

June 27, 2022

After 2 years of planning and 6 months of careful planning and design, Dyness finally completed the renovation of its new factory in Taizhou from 6-9 June 2022 and has moved in. The new factory is located directly opposite to the old factory. The new factory covers an area of 12,826m2, which is 2.5 times the area of the original factory and is called the South Factory.

The new factory has a total of 3 floors with four major functional areas, which are reasonably laid out to meet the needs of daily office and production.

First Floor: Exhibition Hall + Production Line

The showroom displays Dyness products, the company's history and honors, and the patents granted to the products for visitors to see.

Second floor: office area + rest area + production line

The office area is mainly gray with silver accents, serious and square; the rest area is bright and simple, with blue and yellow color scheme to make people feel warm and comfortable.

The third floor: production line + training room + gym + production operation office (renovating).


The most important feature of the new plant is that it is equipped with the latest technology to improve production efficiency and capacity, with fully automated robotic lines and three manual production lines. The new production line has an annual capacity of 2GWh. The total annual capacity of the original production line is 600MWh, which has been increased to 2.6GWh, more than 3 times higher, speeding up the delivery and greatly shortening the shipment cycle.

The new factory is a new starting point, the production line will be automated and fully digitalized as much as possible, and the management operation will be improved to meet the needs of our customers. In the future, Dyness will provide safe and reliable energy storage products for global customers with a new look, higher qualification rate, faster delivery time and better service, prepare for the next ten years and lay a solid foundation to achieve the goal of becoming a rising star in the lithium battery energy storage industry!