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Dyness' Multi-faceted Energy Storage Solutions Receive High Praise at ASEW Exhibition in Thailand!

September 4, 2023

On August 31, 2023, the highly anticipated ASEW Renewable Energy Exhibition was held in Bangkok as scheduled. As one of the most important energy exhibitions in Thailand and Southeast Asia, ASEW attracts energy experts and industry leaders from all over the world. Participating in this exhibition, Dyness attracted many visitors through its various star products and vivid explanations on the spot.

On the exhibition site, professional product and technical experts from DYNER shared with visitors the company's latest product technologies, industry insights and market trends. By showcasing a series of leading intelligent energy storage solutions and application scenarios, Dyness was able to provide attendees with an understanding of the technological development trends in related fields, ranging from household and industrial/commercial energy storage to portable power generation systems. At the exhibition, Dyness displayed a wide range of products covering various application scenarios, including DL5.0, DL5.0C, PowerDepotH5B and B4850 for household use, and PowerRack HV4, the leading industrial and commercial product, which was also on display at the exhibition. Also on display were Dyness' new portable products E-Pearl 1000W and E-Lapis 1500W, which are designed to be compact and easy to carry, allowing users to travel without worry.

Powerbox Pro, the star product at the show, is a high-cycle, high-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery. Like many of Dyness' products, the Powerbox Pro has many advantages, such as high safety, long service life and better user experience. It is also equipped with an IP65 protection rating, which allows for more flexible installation options for indoor and outdoor products. Currently, the Powerbox Pro is capable of delivering up to 10 kWh per unit and supports 5 units in parallel, making it the top choice for most users in the residential market.

In addition to the advantageous products in the field of residential energy storage, Dyness also maintains a leading position in the field of industrial and commercial energy storage. In addition to the PowerRack HV4 series on display, Dyness is actively launching the DH200F with a higher level of protection to cope with outdoor high-voltage scenarios, and each module has a larger capacity and better performance, which can adapt to a wider range of scenarios. Industrial and commercial energy storage plays a crucial role in today's energy sector. With the rapid development of renewable energy and the advancement of grid intelligence, industrial and commercial energy storage solutions have become a key means to help relevant parties achieve a stable supply of energy, improve energy efficiency, and cope with energy volatility.

"We are very pleased to participate in ASEW Thailand and showcase our leading intelligent energy solutions to the market. Dyness always provides reliable and efficient energy storage solutions to meet the growing energy demand and sustainable development goals. After that, Dyness will continue to be driven by product innovation, actively promote energy transformation, and help the Southeast Asian region and the world to realize the popularization of clean energy and sustainable development." said Monique Wang, Regional Sales Leader of Dyness in Southeast Asia.

Through this exhibition, Dyness has further deepened its friendly ties with local partners and customers in Thailand and other regions, and all parties will work together to continue to promote the positive development of the global industry market. In the future, Dyness will continue to deepen its self-development with high safety standards and technical requirements, and will continue to innovate and progress to provide users with more high-quality and reliable energy solutions.