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All Energy Australia, enjoy the feast of energy storage with Dyness

October 30, 2023

Recently, the All Energy Australia exhibition was grandly opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Centre in Melbourne, and Dyness, as one of the high-profile exhibitors, showcased its diversified and innovative energy solutions and leading technologies, attracting the attention of many visitors. On the exhibition site, Dyness' professional team also actively communicated with visitors, introducing in detail the technical advantages of Dyness' full-scenario products and various application cases.

Dyness' key products at the exhibition included two star products, Powerbox Pro and PowerDepot H5B.

Powerbox Pro, as a high-cycle, high-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery, not only offers higher safety and service life, but is also user-friendly. Its IP65 design makes it suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor scenarios, and provides various installation methods such as wall-mounted and floor-mounted. Each battery unit can be connected in parallel with up to 5 units, with a capacity of up to 10 kWh, to meet all household power needs.

The PowerDepot H5B, a low-voltage product designed specifically for home use, uses reliable lithium iron phosphate technology to provide users with excellent safety and long cycle life, ensuring higher safety and cycle life. With a capacity range from 5.12 kWh to 25.6 kWh, the PowerDepot H5B is able to provide users with long-lasting energy support in emergencies as well as daily life and flexibly meet various energy storage needs.

Australia is known to be a mature market in terms of energy demand and policy. According to the International Energy Agency, Australia remains in the top ten in terms of new installed capacity and total market capacity. Australia is ranked 9th for annual installed capacity of 3.9 GW and 6th for cumulative installed capacity. The country has seen explosive growth in PV installations over the past two years. Already 2.5 million households have installed PV systems, with a total installed capacity of 7.9 GW and an average of 6.45 kW per household, a growth rate of 80 per cent, making it one of the world's fastest growing market segments.

Dyness is committed to driving the global energy transition and empowering sustainable development. In the future, Dyness will continue to focus on research and development of innovative technologies and products to meet the growing energy demand worldwide. Exhibiting at All Energy Australia provides a platform for Dyness to showcase its leading technologies and products. Through exchanges and co-operation with global leaders in the field of green energy, Dyness will further promote the development and application of green energy technologies and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable, efficient and secure world.