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Dyness Showcases Innovations And Continued Promise In Energy Storage At Customer Event In Czechia

September 22, 2023

DYNESS NIGHT 2023,the exclusive event for Dyness’ Czechian downstream partners showcased the innovative advancements in energy storage. Local installers witnessed live demonstrations of cutting-edge storage solutions, highlighting their ability to store and utilize electricity in new and efficient ways. Industry experts and thought leaders provided insights into the latest trends and advancements in electricity storage, offering attendees in-depth understanding of how Dyness’ technology is driving the future of carbon zero.  

Prague, Sep 14 2023 – Leading energy storage company Dyness hosted a highly anticipated customer event in Prague, following their roadshow to kick off summer promotions with local distributor Photon Energy. The customer event aimed to demonstrate latest energy storage solutions as well as strengthen relationships with key partners in the Czech PV market.

DYNESS NIGHT 2023 started off with an inspiring opening speech by Ben Ma, Europe Sales Director at Dyness and Jan Vonka, Head of Sales at Photon Energy. Both underscored high growth potentials of the residential and C&I ESS in the Czech market. Since 2021, the Czech Republic's PV industry is once again seeing a surge as the government aims to add 1.9 GW until 2030 with the support of a CZK 4.5 billion modernization fund. Against the backdrop of optimistic changes in the policy framework and strategic investments, Dyness emphasized their commitment to continued cooperation and mutual success with their local partners.

An exciting line-up of speakers from EUPD Research and other industry enterprises further sparked engaging discussions among technicians and installers at the event. One of the main highlights was indeed the unveiling of Dyness' latest product features, including the Dyness Tower Series, which contains high-voltage, stackable batteries that impress with their simple installation, robust design and modern appearance. Dyness further showcased the Dyness Bus Box with parallel connection advantages, and the Dyness Tower Pro. The Tower Pro Series with IP55 protection level offers multiple energy storage options through an expandable modular design, allowing for a maximum capacity of 92.16kWh.  

Beyond the residential segment, Dyness also demonstrated C&I use cases with PowerStone and DH200F. These innovations embody Dyness’ dedication to providing scalable solutions without compromising ease of installation and maintenance. Professionals across the value chain were highly engaged in stimulating discussions on how to best implement these latest innovations for more Czech families and businesses to come.

During the event, participants had the opportunity to share their individual opinions on Dyness’ solutions. The sentiments expressed reflect reliability, quality, and overall trust. In a surprise highlight before dinner, Dyness announced that exciting results of the prestigious EUPD Top Brand PV Award had just been released. After years of exceptional work, this achievement is a testament to Dyness’ success in having truly won over their Czechian partners and customers.

Dyness remains steady and promising on the strategic course to fortify its presence throughout Europe. Looking into the future, Dyness plans to multiply its success through sustained emphasis on elevating ESS performance and user experience, as well as deepening partnerships with leading inverter brands. With intelligent and integrated storage solutions, Dyness will continue to address local electricity needs for European consumers.

About Dyness

Dyness is a global energy storage solutions provider, focusing on residential and commercial ESS applications. The company currently has 6 overseas branches and over 90 global partners.Dyness has delivered products to 100+ countries including Europe, South Africa, Americas, Australia, etc, serving 300,000+ families. Dyness aims to provide users with green and smart energy solutions.