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Rack System HV4

Dyness PowerRack HV4 system is also designed for indoor use high-voltage systems, with a larger capacity of each module to fit medium C&I scenarios, to increase solar self-consumption, provide backup power or peak-shavings, etc.

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Model PowerRack HV4
Rack Type PowerRackHV4-7s PowerRack HV4-11s
Battery Module Type HV51100 HV51100
Battery Module Quantity 7 units 11 units
Nominal Battery Energy 35.84kWh 56.32kWh
Nominal Capacity 100Ah 100Ah
Nominal Voltage 358.4V 563.2V
Operating Vol. Range 313.6-403.2V 492.8-633.6V
Nominal Power Output 21.5kW 33.79kW
Max. Power Output 35.84kW 56.32kW
Recommend Charging Current 50A 50A
Recommend Discharging Current 50A 50A
Net Weight 397.5kg 646.5kg
Dimension(W*D*H) 548*568*1412mm 548*568*2012mm
Rack System Control unit Type[1] BDU100 BDU100
Module Quantity and Configuration 7 Units in series 11 Units in series

[1]HV4850 battery module need to be used with BDU50 control unit