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Dyness offers market-leading energy storage products with a modular design for easy installation and low installation and service costs.

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Installer Training & Certification

Dyness organizes training in phases to meet the growth needs of technical consultants or installers in different regions and issues certificates;

1 Become an official certified installer

You'll get training on dyness products, installation, etc., as well as all the resources you need; After being certified as an installer, we will grant you the relevant certificates;  

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2 Obtain customer installation information

We will prioritize your information on our website, so that more potential customers in your area can find you directly;

3 Project Evaluation

The project's product, cycle time, schedule, work content, and cost evaluation are all matched by you.

4 Product purchase and complete installation

You can apply directly from Dyness official regional agents or purchase channels to get more discounts, and finally provide quality installation services to customers;

5 Grow with us

Dyness is developing a series of incentive mechanisms for certified installers, about support and training, rewards, etc., you can establish a one-to-one contact with the regional docking personnel, and we will provide you with the latest incentive policies in stages;