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DYNESS DL3.6 is low-voltage energy storage productwhich adopts high safety LFP technology. With 3.6 kWh each, it can support upto 180 kWh with 50 modules connected in parallel. It also supports remoteupdate & easy monitoring. Meet this efficient product with perfect performance.

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PowerRack LV2
Rack Type PowerRack LV2-8P PowerRack LV2-12P
Battery Module Type DL3.6 DL3.6
Battery Module Quantity 8 units 12 units
Battery Type LFP LFP
Nominal Battery Energy 28.8kWh 43.2kWh
Nominal Capacity 600Ah 900Ah
Nominal Voltage 48V 48V
Operating Vol. Range 42-54V 42-54V
Nominal Power Output 14.4kW 21.6kW
Max. Power Output 28.8kW 43.2kW
Recommend Charging Current 300A 450A
Recommend Discharging Current 300A 450A
Net Weight 359kg 524kg
Module Quantity and Configuration 8 Units in parallel 12 Units in parallel
Dimension(W*D*H) 601*510*1393mm 601*510*2013mm
APP Monitoring (optional) Module Design Easy Installation High Safety LFP Wide Compatibility
Real-time monitoring & Remote upgrade available  Flexible expansion Stackable with flexible brackets Cell level monitoring and balancing Matching with leading inverters